Three Gothic Fashion Tips That You Should Use

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If you have been thinking about changing your current fashion style to something more Gothic, there are many things that you can do which will literally change the way people see you almost instantly. When you hear someone talk about a person that is Goth, it has to do with the type of makeup and clothing that they are wearing. In general, people that are Gothic typically wear clothing that is very dark, made of leather, and there makeup is going to be quite outlandish. Let’s go over three of the best Gothic fashion tips that you can use if you want to truly embody this very unique style.

Always Wear Leather

The clothing that you wear should be primarily made of leather. This is a trademark material used by those that are Gothic. For women, you need to have several leather corsets that you can wear. This should be accompanied with black denim bottoms, or even leather pants, in combination with sexy blouses, tops and coats. You should also have knee-high boots which are very common with those that dress with this style in mind. The combination of all of this will definitely portray you as being Gothic.

Gothic Makeup Tips

Gothic photoEven if a person is not dressed using a Gothic ensemble, they will definitely be recognized as Goth because of their makeup. In general, the makeup that you wear is going to be extremely outrageous. Your eyeliner is going to be dark and thick. You will likely wear fake eyelashes, and your eyebrows will be plucked and styled either extremely thick, or streamlined in a contour with your eyes. The type of lipstick that you use is either going to be bright red, or it could be a very dark color. Either one will work well with the makeup that you choose to wear. Finally, people that are Goth look very pale due to the foundation that they place on their face, usually highlighted with a small amount of rouge on their cheeks.

Gothic Accessories And Shoes

Gothic Fashion photo
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Finally, the accessories that you need will definitely be a handbag. These are not ordinary handbags by any means. These are going to be black in color, offset by silver chains and emblems. You might even have skulls and cross bones as part of the accessories that you are going to wear. Likewise, the shoes that you wear are going to be very dark in color. Although knee-high boots were mentioned, there are many others to choose from. These shoes will literally look dangerous, whether you are wearing platform shoes, or stilettos. They will definitely stand out, especially if they have spikes or similar decorations on the exterior.

By using these three simple Gothic fashion tips, you can almost instantly transform your typical appearance to something that is absolutely magnificent. You will definitely be noticed by people that are walking by, or even across the street. It is a very specific look, one that is easy to recognize, and just as easy to design by simply purchasing the right makeup, clothing, shoes and accessories.

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